Logistics with honesty and integrity

Who we are

At KNP Logistics how we do business is as important to us as what we do as a business

Our modest vision
is to ensure your customers get what they want when they want it, it’s that simple. Along the way when we can reduce our impact on the planet, we will take every opportunity to do so

We are bigger than you think
from 30 depots spread across the UK from Inverness to the Isle of Wight, an EU network that extends across 27 countries and global forwarding capacity – we keep your freight seamlessly moving anywhere in the world

From start-ups to multi-nationals, simple pallet in pallet out operations to dedicated industry specific solutions – our teams are hands-on, we listen and we make it happen

Our values
We operate with honesty and integrity – we value hard work, being reliable, being fair, being accountable, being respectful and being forward thinking.

KNP Logistics for life


We delivered 2.7 million pallets throughout the UK in 2022 – With over 500 own vehicles we deliver single pallets and dedicated solutions for start ups and multinationals

We deliver on our own vehicles – We don’t take contracts on to subcontract them out to the lowest bidder. We care about what we do and how we do it – in the UK we deliver where we can on our own vehicles

We deliver using our own network – Where we can’t deliver, our dedicated partner support capacity seamlessly delivers your freight returning commercial and environmental savings

36,000 BRC pallet locations –  centrally positioned to receive your inbound goods and efficiently feed our dedicated distribution network

49,000 pallet locations –  centrally positioned to receive your inbound goods and efficiently feed our dedicated distribution network

KNP Logistics Group history

A family owned company since 1865

Established in 1865 by William Knight, becoming Knights of Old in 1957 – KNP Logistics Group is now one of the largest privately owned logistics companies in the UK

KNP operate with honesty and integrity, if we say we are going to do something, we deliver on it. We understand our strengths and don’t oversell our capabilities

KNP was formed in 2021 from Knights of Old (K) Nelson Distribution (N) and Steve Porter Transport (P). With strategically positioned depots across the UK the group has grown to an agile logistics partner with 14 UK depots and 16 UK partner depots, delivering single pallet, full load and dedicated road freight solutions

Training has always had a key role in the company and in 2014 the group created Merlin Supply Chain Solutions, which runs training courses for the drivers of tomorrow

Quality accreditations are central to the group’s core business values, demonstrating that the company adhere to a measured set of standards and is compliant to all relevant legislation and recognised codes of practice

KNP introduced DRIVING CHANGE in 2022 to support group wide ESG initiatives

1865: William Knight starts the company with a horse and cart
1933: Knights move to Old Northamptonshire (Knights of Old) – Focus on road freight
1978: Middle East division established
1982: Export packing division established

2000: Relocation to purpose built 10 acre logistics facility
2000: Knights of Old becomes part owner Partnerlink
2013: Additional Kettering Logistics facility added to portfolio
2014: Merlin Supply Chain established – Driver training / driver supply
2016: Nelson Distribution merged with Knights of Old – Turnover £65m
2019: Steve Porter Transport merged with Knights of Old and Nelson Distribution
2021: Dedicated Amazon depot added to portfolio
2021: +70 Vehicles – Trailer park
2021: Customs division established
2021: Container division established
2022: Driving change initiative launched
2022: Sustainability manager and team appointed
2022: ETSF facilities established – Dover / Kettering
2023: Luton Logistics facility extended from 2K – 16,000 pallet spaces
2023: Relocation Merlin Supply Chain Solutions training facility

Meet process improvement

Dominic B – Process Improvement Manager

Dom joined us in 2012 as an EU CS Apprentice. After completing his Business and Chartered Management BA at De Montfort University he now heads up process improvement within the sustainability team.

“Within process improvement we are always moving forward and looking towards the future – its’s exciting”

Meet Kettering full loads

Bhav B – Kettering Full Loads Manager

Bhav has worked with KNP since 2004 with a two year break, one for each of her children. Bhav is an advocate for diversity in logistics encouraging women from all backgrounds to consider logistics

“No two days are ever the same”

Meet the former apprentice

Ameisha F  – Marketing / Lead generation

Ameisha joined in 2020 as a Marketing apprentice, next steps include a Marketing degree and exploring how far and where lead generation can develop the business.

“As a former apprentice I get a kick out of encouraging new apprentices with new ideas into the industry”