Meet the shunter

Dom H – Kettering shunter

Dom has been working at KNP for 17 years, 12 years as agency and the last 5 full time. Before KNP he was a driver but found being stuck on the motorways difficult to deal with

“I enjoy shunting, I am always busy and I get to speak to a lot of people every day”

Meet full loads driver

Ian P – Luton full loads

Ian is a qualified upholsterer, but when life got in the way it pushed him to get his HGV licence, which he had wanted to do for over 10 years

“Today I covered for my colleague, full loads from a brewery, 4 runs a day, 2 there and 2 back”

Meet full loads driver

Sophie F – Kettering full loads

“In my previous life I was a Business Development Consultant and National Coach and Trainer, Covid led to redundancies, so I thought I’d make the most of it and fulfill my dream of becoming a trucker. I’m a massive petrol head and what I loved the most about my previous job was the driving

It’s been a huge learning curve and I don’t think the learning will ever stop! I absolutely LOVE this job, I should have done it years ago, and I feel very fortunate to be in this position. The team at KNP have been so welcoming and have really made me feel like part of the family”

Meet full loads driver

Ronnie R – Kettering full loads

Meet former apprentice driver

Kalaba C – Kettering full loads

Started with KNP Logistics after completing a 15 month apprenticeship. Kalaba was one of the first apprentices to go straight from a Cat B (car) licence to Cat C+E (Artic) licence

“Today was spent delivering noodles and books into Amazon”

Meet former apprentice driver

Kev R – Kettering full loads

Started as an apprenticeship in January 2020, passed August 2021 and up-skilled to Cat C+E in November 2021. Has also completed ADR & Moffat training.

“Today I delivered building materials to sites in Oxfordshire & West Sussex”

Careers at KNP

Sustainability, programming, commercial,  marketing, comms, finance, HR  – there’s way more to logistics than you think

If you think you would be a fit and would like to join a team that cares about what you care about but can’t see an available opportunity – get in touch for a chat.